Some 35 years ago, Louise became a consultant by responding to a friend’s phone call. Her friend was on the board of the city’s newly opened performing arts center, a beautiful historic theater that had been completely restored, with millions invested in the process.  “We opened it.  Now I think we have to padlock the doors because we can’t afford it.  We don’t know what to do.  Please help us!”

After years of managing nonprofits herself, Louise took on the challenge of consulting to that start-up-in-crisis, and turned it around.  Today, hundreds of cities and clients later, Louise continues to focus on the elements of success for sustainable cultural, creative, educational, and recreational clients.  Her clients include parks, historical museums, destinations, arts centers and museums, cities that want to create entertainment or arts districts or build amphitheaters, performing arts centers, and artisan hubs.   Many have won awards for the work they completed through Louise’s counsel.

As co-principal in ArtsMarket, Inc along with her husband John F. Stevens, Louise is the on-the-ground consultant while John manages the firm’s projects and leads its qualitative and quantitative research.  Together, the two conduct feasibility studies, write cultural needs assessments and cultural plans, provide business and strategic planning counsel, and build audiences and audience engagement for the entire sector.




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